The Process

The process starts with an initial meeting to become familiar with the intent of the client. After determining that a “fit” exists between the client and our firm, we then propose a formal agreement for Design Services which includes a more detailed explanation of our services and the scope of work to be performed. If the project requires us to work with an existing structure, we begin by creating drawings of the building as it currently stands, referred to as “as-built” drawings. Following these drawings, we will start the design process with Schematic Drawings. These are conceptual drawings that begin the overall planning and layout of the space, such as main rooms, traffic areas and outdoor connections, etc.

The client and designer then start to narrow the most preferred aspects of the Schematic Design and focus on moving into the next phase which is Design Development. Design Development is the process refining the general layout, and ultimately, perfecting the plan.

Following Design Documents are final Construction Documents. These are the finalized drawings with all the details required for the permitting process, as well as the construction of the project, including material specifications and all other details. The Construction Documents are then submitted to the appropriate regulatory departments, and a building permit is issued.

PDG has extensive experience in construction and can assist you in selecting general contractors, subcontractors and also reviewing bid proposals. It is our hands-on construction experience that sets us apart from other design firms. We have thorough familiarity with the building process, building costs, market conditions and materials. We can support you to make the best decisions and get the most for your money.