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Julie Zacha Brodsky, LEED AP
Julie’s education and professional experience in architecture and sustainability spans over 10 years. Julie has dedicated the majority of her career sharing these passions to others. After graduating with double undergraduate degrees in Fine Arts from Albion College and then Architecture from the University of Michigan, she relocated Colorado to be closer to the mountains where she could live a more active and natural lifestyle. She later obtained her Masters Degree in Architecture, with an emphasis on Sustainability and Historic Preservation, from the University of Colorado.

Julie is also a co-founder of the World Green Institute, an organization providing both education and certification to professionals and homeowners on sustainable practices and green lifestyles. After working for multiple design firms in Colorado, she is now the President of Parallel Design Group, a design firm specializing in sustainable and residential architectural design. Julie has also been certified by the United States Green Building Counsel (USGBC) as an Accredited Professional in Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design (LEED).

In addition to her career, Julie enjoys spending time with her family, engaging in many outdoors sports and also indulges in nature whenever the opportunity is available.